Monday, July 8, 2013

New Digital Stamp - Cluckers (cute farm chickens)

I have the distinct privelege of living in the country where we can have cows and chickens and ducks. The chickens are quite hilarious and I get a kick out of watching them wander and do chickeny things---maybe it is just funny to me, but anyway...LOL Meet a few of my chickens
he casts a long shadow....

a clucking party

yes, I am the big bad dad

hey ya chickies...whatcha doing?

I have been wanting to draw them for a while---actually some of my first doodles were of chickens....hehee---so I doodled some new ones yesterday and I like how they turned out. :)

Meet the Cluckers - 
All 4 stamps are in a zip file for $2.00
Listing in the shop is HERE

I didn't add any sentiments, but here some good ones by Melissa and Jeanne if you want to make your own. 

Just chicken in
What the cluck?
I’m feeling clucky
Heard you flew the coop
Just a little chick chat
You're an egg-cellent friend
Hey chicky


ike said...

Ooooh - wonderful... the new Chooks are great :-)

I have chikkins too :-D I breed English Light Sussex out here in Greece :-D I love 'chikkin world' and could sit down there for hours just watching them cluck about. Have got a 'mummy' with 4 tiny babies now - she did it all herself (not my usual incubated ones).

Great sentiments there too :-)

IKE xxxx

Annette said...

We used to have chooks too. They are soooo funny to watch. I never thought they'd have such individual characters until we had them. They were so sweet. Love your photos as it brings back nice memories of when we had ours.
(love the sentiments too - they made me smile!!)

Scrappy Canuck said...

These are so cute - they made me smile!

~ Barb said...

I sure like Daddy's card! Great sentiment ideas too.
{Hugs} Barb

Laura Turcotte said...

We have chickies too! They are too funny! But we're having some difficulties with them lately. I love those stamps--great sentiments too!

JanR said...

The new images are a hoot! Hmmmm....I guess "hoot" is probably the wrong word, but I don't think saying that they're a "cluck" conveys the same meaning. :-) Anyway, they're fab!

Cultivate Life in Joy said...

Oooh my I love the to get them. I am sure these are raised everywhere but I am a Texas girl and our some of our best pets are chickens..laugh out loud. Thank you for offering them.

Jenn Borjeson said...

So cute! We moved to an old cattle ranch recently, 40 acres of fenced property - and decided to try our hand at raising chickens. We're having a lot of fun learning about them, they are hysterical creatures! :)

Paula Gale said...

Oh Christy - these are adorable. I knew another blogger that had chickens and she used to do a regular post called something like Sunday Chickens or Chicken Sunday - something along those lines... there was always a funny story - she was actually an altered art blogger/crafter (she may still do it too).

They so comical aren't they? Love the digi stamps - great inspiration for them too!

Paula x x x

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