Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Images and Clear Stamps coming soon

So, normally Tuesdays are new image days, but the past two weeks I have had very little time to finalize images that I can release yet...most of my time was spent on setting up some new clear stamp sets. I can't show any sneak peeks yet, but there are several on the way. :) I do also have some digital stamps coming---just not today. There is more to the story of course. :)

Last week, I spent a whole week with a very lovely family who stayed with my parents (who live next door) and their two little girls played all week with my little girl---which meant she was in heaven!!! She is an only child, so any time someone comes to play, she is ecstatic. It was a really lovely time, but it used up all my extra drawing time too. So our family's gain, is a loss for new digis this week....sorry for that, but I hope to be back on schedule soon.

Check back soon.

Oh, did I tell you that I also got a new puppy for my birthday?? Well, there is a lot of lost time lately, too, but she is also so worth it...hehe

Here is a peek of the new little cutie (Sapphire) and the 15-month puppy (Silver) too. : ) What a difference a year makes!! And yes, the big one is definitely contemplating dinner...hehe


Tanya said...

Gorgeous dogs! sooo cute :) Glad you're enjoying family time!

Tags xx

Ana Chavez said...

Adorable puppies!!! :) New stamps on the way???? Be still my beating heart. :)

Lisa Lynn said...

What a cute addition - congratulations and belated happy birthday!

Lisa Lara said...

Now that's a birthday present Christy!

CraftyMomOf2 said...

My goodness Christy!! What a FABULOUS gift!! SOOOOOOO SWEET!! And that picture is too adorable!

Happy Belated Birthday my friend!!

Crafty Hugs!

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