Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Christmas and Halloween Images - and a Limited Time Sale

Hello everyone!! I really am back now...Yay!!! And I have some images to make up for my absence over the past month.  I drew an image for almost each week I was away, so let's head straight to them...

Well, shall I say, there is a sale on digital stamps for the about the next 36 hours??? Yes, I probably should. :)

During checkout, enter the code: BACK!! to receive 15% off digital stamps (clear stamps excluded); sale ends Oct 4 at 12:00 PM.

There is more stuff going on too:
We have some very inspirational and adorable cards being posted in the Flickr group...check them out HERE.

Melissa, my marvelous coordinator, also created some fabulous video tutorials for us all...she picked topics where we get the most questions...hope you enjoy her great directions. :)

Click the name of the tutorial below

Okay, now onto the new images...let's start with Halloween---my favorite holiday!! Yes, yes...even over Christmas. LOL

Melissa's card
This is a freebie sentiment to go with Wryn, so anyone may click and save this image for use with Wryn or other images.

Ready for Christmas anyone??

Meet Winter Wryn and her friend Frosty
She comes with 2 versions--one Wryn alone and then Wryn and Frosty together---and also 2 free sentiments

 Leah's adorable traditional Christmas card
Emmy's adorable blue take

Larissa's amazing winter scene

 Lou's Fall version---cute, huh??

Donna's precious card

And this one is my secret favorite---Wryn Goes Caroling
She is singing Joy to the World...the free sentiment comes with her. :)

Portia ( a returning DT for a guest spot!! :D) 

That is it for now...but there will be more next week. :)

When our Tiddly Inks fans or DT members are published using Tiddly Inks images, we like to make that known as we are rightfully proud of their amazing work...check out more details on prizes for publication HERE

Well, recently, our very own DT member Alyce was published on the cover of Copicendium using Flutteryby...Yay!!!

Now, on a bit of a downer note: It has come to my attention that a customer or two might be sending out emails with my images as gifts---an unofficial swap so to speak. They decided to send the images and say "if you want to send me some in return, please do." However, "swapping"and "gifting" images is totally against Tiddly Inks Terms of Use: in no way is anyone allowed to swap my images, send my digital images for free, or request my digital images in a trade or swap or as a gift. If an image is lost, you must contact me directly.

This is not to prevent you for sharing with your kids or one or two friends at your house sharing an image or two....this is to prevent emailing 3, 5, 7, or 10+ images and saying "have fun!" The images are priced very reasonably and you agree to honor a personal license when you purchase digital images...you are not buying a physical product, merely a limited personal license for you and your young kids to use that image...

So as not to end the post on such a downer...think SALE!!! Yay!!! Hey, sorry this is no swapping!! But have fun anyway with the 15% off!! :) That should make them easy enough to hoardplay with!

Enter code: BACK!! to receive 15% off digital stamps...not the clear ones---sorry.  Sale ends Oct 4 at 12:00 PM.

Love you all and glad to be back and sharing some doodles again! 

PS: Tiddly Inks will be looking to add some new design team members soon, so if you are interested join in our challenges so we can see your magnificent creations. :) We plan to keep all our current members---I mean, we love them all---but we would like to add 1 or 2...or 3...or 4. :)


eva said...

oh, i missed wryn so much! thank you for these awesomely sweet and adorably cute images!! love them!

Sue - bearhouse said...

Your new images are totally gorgeous and the DT have made wonderful cards with them.


Karen said...

All totally gorgeous!! I was squealing when the email hit my inbox this morning.xx

Lisa Lynn said...

Love the new images and thanks for the free sentiment!

Kimberly S said...

They are all adorable! Love that they have sentiments, and thanks so much for the freebie! :)

Julie D. Richards said...

Just ordered all these new ones. Yippee can't wait to color them.

Heidi Brawley said...

oh love these all! I especially love the Halloween one. I just went and bought her!!!! hugs!!

Paula Gale said...

Hi Christy - glad you are back and designing again... you were right when you said 'hoard'! I need to make myself sit down and have a play day with my gorgeous images - oh, and managed to take advantage of the sale and add to my Christmas collection of Tiddly Inks!!! Just love Wryn skating!!! I got me the Wryn and Snowman too - it's like two for one on that one really... just thinking - should have got Wryn carol singing too.... hmmm...!

I can't believe people are still sending images after all the publicising you do about not sharing images... I won't even let my sister have mine - I know it sounds mean - but at the end of the day, I can live with myself knowing that i've honoured an artists policy. I absoloutely share links so she can visit places for herself though... I'm sorry you continue to have to fight these breaches.

Anyway - again, glad you are BACK!! and heres to continuing health, and designing gorgeous tiddlies for us to BUY and enjoy!!!

big hugs

Paula x x x

Paula Gale said...

oops - meant to say to thanks to Melissa for the clever tutorials... however, is there supposed to be sound with them, as checked a couple out and couldn't get any sound... I checked the volume buttons on the tutorial and my laptop and both were up to full volume... if there isn't any - that's fine, but if there is supposed to be - unfortinately, I can't hear :O(

Thank you very much for providing these though... Melissa - you are amazing and a great asset to the TI team - and a diamond for Christy!!!

Paula x x x

Leanne said...

Welcome back Christy! Picked them up and can't wait to color and play around with them!
Now just have to find the time to do all that and join some challenges. :)

Lisa said...

Some more fabulous images, just been colouring Wryn tonight and had so much fun xxx

Jenscrapstoo said...

Hi Christy!! Your new images are so amazing!! Can't wait to colour them!! Just love them all!!!
Cheers Jennie

Dana said...

You know I'm a huge fan of your images Christy and I'm so glad your back to creating. Love the new images.

Hugs and love,


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