Friday, August 17, 2012

Sale Ending, Acrylic Stamp Reorders---and a vacation announcement

Hi my very favorite peoples!!! :)  Okay a few things today. :)

If you are in the UK, you should check out the magazine spread created by Kim Dellow in Simply Cards and Papercrafts.  Her ideas are fabulous---and they are using Tiddly Inks images!!! This issue is available for purchase now--click HERE to go their web page.

You can find Kim's fantabulous blog HERE...I am secretly (not so secretly) stalking her amazing work. hehe 

Now, can I just say a huge THANK YOU!!!! You guys never cease to amaze me with your kind words and emails and notes about the images and each one makes my heart happy. :) I thank you for all the lovely compliments on Annabelle and the amazing samples created by the DT. I am so lucky to work with such amazing ladies.

However, sad as it may be, the sale is now officially over. I left the code up for a few hours after the announced ending to catch any stragglers, but, officially, it is over. Thank you again for your kind support. :) I hope you have fun coloring! :)

Second, the pre-orders of acrylic stamps did not work as I had expected and I apologize. I had no trouble with pre-ordering last time, so I am not sure what happened. Once the acrylic stamps are restocked, I will offer the sale again for the same length of time as this sale. That way, no one misses out. I still do not have an official date for the restocking, but I am working on it with the manufacturer.

And finally and most important. Although I have been struggling about doing this, as I will miss your lovely notes and posts, I am going to be taking a official, off-the-clock-and-out-of-the-blogging-world vacation in which I veg my brain and body.

Well, actually, I will still be semi-available as the shop won't be "officially" closed--and I will ship orders and help with problems downloading---but, for the next few weeks, I am going to attempt to stop posting new images, facebooking, and blogging. I am slightly worried the world might end once I do that, but I am going to take the don't post any world-ending news on Facebook as I won't see it. LOL Seriously, you are welcome to email me, but unless it is an order issue, I am officially a vacationing illustrator for a few weeks.

So in sum, although the shop will remain "open," I will be in a short creative hiatus until Sept 18. 

Why? Well, I have been working on Tiddly Inks for more than 2 years now in one form or another almost every day (literally 7 days a week most weeks) and I rarely take time off to rejuvenate.  So I think it is time to take a short break----I love what I do, but I can't seem to stop doing it---I mean, I started typing this note at midnight and I think that says it all. LOL

Plus, I am a little run down (see note about working at midnight, foolish mortal that I am) and need to boost my health and creativity. I had a small bout of illness this summer, but I am not springing back like I used to and that has added to my decision to take a body needs a chance to just relax and get totally healed and de-stressed--yup, that is a word. :)

I hope you understand and although I will miss everyone, this is a much needed time to rebuild my creativity and health. I will see you soon feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. :) I may be back before September 18 but if not, I aim to be back with new images by that date.  Until then, try to relax and color lots of pretty things to share with everyone. :)

PS: After the current Summer challenge, our challenges will also take a short break, but they will return on September 18 as well for a new wonderful idea proposed by Melissa.  


Jennifer Shults said...

Oh girl! You deserve a big long break! Take this time and relax. Enjoy it!!! Hugs!!!

Mary J said...

You so deserve to take a break Christy - you go for it - we will be here when you come back!

Larissa said...

Enjoy your break! Xxxx

Kim Dellow said...

*squeal* thank you :)

Hope you have a lovely vacation! You deserve it! Go fill all those life and creativity tanks and remember not to check the t'internet at all - don't you dare!

Enjoy yourself.

Karen said...

:0) I'd say after two long years you might just be forgiven sweetie!! hehehe..

You'll be missed - but I'm sure we'll all survive...

Enjoy your time out.. my blog will still be full of your images hun.. no fear there.. lol..


Olivia said...

Enjoy your vacation have being doing fabulous work and you should be able to enjoy a well deserved break! See you in September..(now got that song stuck in my head lol).

JanR said...

Enjoy your vacation! Can't wait to see what creativeness some R & R will prompt. Have fun!

Vivi Casale said...

oh it is always great to be on vacation and you should take yours too.... and enjoy the life!!

We will miss you of course, but We all be here waiting for you and for your new gorgeous images!!


Joy said...

ENJOY your well deserved vacation! Sometimes it does help to get stay away sothat it doesn't become an addiction and you'll come back re-freshed!

Have Fun!

Leanne said...

Enjoy your well earned vacation Christy!! I think you've given us a lot to work with in the meantime. hehehe!!

donna mikasa said...

Woo hooo! So excited for you that you'll be taking a little break--you so deserve to! Your health is so important and I'm sure you'll come back meaner and leaner and more refreshed! Take good care, Christy! See you in September! xx

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