Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday - New "Stuff" and a Freebie!

Hi everyone,
Welcome back to a new and exciting Tuesday. :) Well, I know I am excited because I am the middle of looking at cool blog links for people submitting for the DT call and I have a new image for you this week. :)
Please meet Checking the List

I made a journal page with her using Holly Bugg's Paper and a hand doodled sentiment (which is free at the end of the post. )
Soooo wanna win a Christmas Image??

If you want to win a cute little image of your choice, do me a favor:
  1. Pop into the What's New Section and check out the new images. 
  2. Then link your favorite image from that section by leaving me a comment below. To qualify, you must leave the link to the image---you can't just give me a random thought. 
I will select one comment by Friday to win a Christmas image.

And now I would like to introduce you to Amanda, our new DT member...

I found Amanda's blog a few weeks ago and after immediately emailing her with a request, she very kindly accepted a position on the DT. :) And from this card (and all the others on her blog HERE), I would say we are very lucky to have her. :)

If you are interested in being a Tiddly Inker, you can check out my post HERE. :)

And don't forget our Anything Goes Challenge on the TI Challenge blog too...there are some fantastic creations being shared weekly. And you can combine our recent challenges with many other challenges too, what with the Anything Goes theme....can I say it again? Hey, it is anything goes month at the challenge blog...hehe

So don't forget to leave me a comment and hopefully a welcome comment for Amanda too along the way! :)

See you soon! :)

FREEBIE SENTIMENT BELOW ( click the image to download the PNG)- Feel free to change the YOU to whatever suits you....hehe


Caroline said...

I am a newbie to your site, and LOVE all of your products! But if I had to chose, I guess it would be Lilli Claire Make a Wish.
She's just SO damned cute!

weva said...

Thank you!!

Hlora said...

very nice card with girl!

Ardilla said...

Lovely cute!
Thanks for the freebie...

Carly said...

he he he .. I have most of these ...except for the Christmas ones.

My favourite Christmas one would be

as everyone loves a Christmas wish ... a gorgeous tree ... and a cheeky critter.

Thanks for the chance to win.
xoxoxxoxoxo Carly

Lawren said...

They are all way cute!!!! But I think my faavorite is this one:

Little Miss Sunshine - too cute!

Scrap Vamp said...

I love the Christmas images (I'm in the holiday mood already) and my favorite is:



Loopylou. said...

morning christy!
omg super cute card hun, love the sentiment thankyou and I lurve all the images!!
huge hugs Lou xxx

Jenn Borjeson said...


I think this might be my favorite.

Amanda R said...

Love the new image Christy and thanks for the welcome!

grandmabonnie said...

Christy, i wouldn't like just one, i really like them all...but if i had to pick one i really like:
I can see how a real candy cane would look cute with the card/tag, can't you?

Shari said...

After looking at all the "NEW" releases and debating for a long time, I have made a decision about my favorite (well 1 of them that is); HI THERE GIRL
She is perfect for Christmas and for anytime of the year for birthday's or just because presents to firends, etc.

Thanks for the chance to win and also the freebee :D


mercieschild said...

Thank you so much for the freebie and I love your digi's They are so cute and I can feel good about sending them on a card to anyone at any age, thank you bunches hugs Cathy

mercieschild said...

Opps I forgot to tell you my favorite. I have many but to choose it is still Belinda because I can dress her up for any holiday with different colors and add when we moved I put the suitcases behind her and so many things . She just steals my heart. Hugs Cathyk

Kristina said...

Hi Amanda and welcome to Tiddly Inks! I just love there stuff and Im sure you'll be happy here! Your card totally rocks, I see why she asked you to be a DT! Looking forward to seeing more of your art work!

Kristina said...

Okay I went to the check out the shop and see all your new goodies and I have to say I love them all honestly! It was very hard to pick one but I chose this one:
Which happens to be your promo one. I just love how she has this long list and then the sentiment reads "The main thing on my list: You!
It reminds me of my daughter. I had to move to Florida and my daughter (20) is in VA Beach and she recently had a baby that is out of this world gorgeous, and Im not just saying that cuz Im the grandma. I can prove how adorable she is anyways. I cry daily BC I want to be w/ both of my girls so bad! And a lot of your images reminds me of my daughter (good thing) So I guess that's why I chose that image. However love the kitty w/ the tree he he so cute. Okay I'll let you go. Thanks for a chance to win an image you Rock!
And Im going not to check out those challenges. Thank you.

Starla B. said...

Thank you so much for the freebie!! Amanda's card is just gorgeous!! She will definitely fit in with the rest of the talented Tiddly Inkers! =D LOVE the new image...but I think my favorite so far is Best Friends
. It reminds me of the dog and cat I had growing up...they just loved each other. Thanks again!

Sarah said...


I love all your girls, but this one has great hair- and I love to practice hair!

Thanks for your site; love the freebie this week ;)

Cindy2 said...

Love the little Claire images - http://www.tiddlyinks.com/products/Lilli-Claire-%252d--Party-Time.html

keysha said...

WOW!!! How can I choose just one! LOL!!! I had the hardest time nailing it down... I was stuck between 2.. but Forever won out over You & Me... I love them both but forever is my absolute favorite! Great job on the newest image/card!


Heidi Brawley said...

AWE thanks for the Freebie. cute! My favorite new image is Christmas Princess
Heidi Brawley

Melissa said...

It's not easy to pick just one but this one really grabbed me since I do a lot of animal rescue! http://www.tiddlyinks.com/best-friends/


mforquer said...

Adorable Christy - love the new image with the LONG list! So cute - great card too...and so happy to have Amanda on our team!

Julie said...

I have alot of favs...You and me, Checking the list, Happy Birthday girl, Forever to name a few...
But my link goes to Best Friends

Dawn Frost said...

Well I narrowed it down to three favourite images! OK the first one that I would use and adore is: http://www.tiddlyinks.com/checking-the-list-and-free-sentiment/
However for my sons girlfriend Sam I know she would go nuts over Best Friends http://www.tiddlyinks.com/best-friends/
However I also have a ton of wedding and anniversary cards to do and I LOVE Forever http://www.tiddlyinks.com/forever/
So I didn't really do what you asked and pick my favourite but I did try, lol!

Leanne said...

I love the new image here, but I love the mantle so here's the one I chose: http://www.tiddlyinks.com/christmas-mantle/
thank you for the freebie too, it's perfect for any holiday card.

Stephanie aka Nerdette said...

Tee hee, the list is so fun, and so long, must be my daughters list ;D

Love the doodle sentiment, I would be ashamed to show you my doodles ;D

kaleidoscopeimpressions said...

Oh wow- such beauties! How fun - since I can only choose one, here it is: http://www.tiddlyinks.com/productimage.php?product_id=178

Pop's Cards said...

Morning sweetie, I love this especially the colours, gorgeous x x x

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Great new image and your sentiment is too cute, thank you!

From the store... very hard to pick just one (: I love coloring the characters with big eyes so it's Angel Spice today.


Larissa said...

Hi Christy!,

I adore the new image, her very very very long list is so cute! The sentiment freebie is also very adorable! Thanks :) Love both of them on your adorable card! The holly paper is such a nice background.


Moments by Marla said...

All of your new images are fabulous - but form some reason - I can really relate to "Minnies Christmas Lights"

Thank you so much the the fun sentiment freebie!!!

NanaConnie said...

Fabulous new images! Still, I love the Best Friends (though I admit to favoring many of the Christmas images, but that may be influenced by how close we are to Christmas.) Here's the link to my fav.

mamichelle said...

Thanks so much for the adorable sentiment! It's so hard to choose...they are all so cute!! I would say Birthday Girl

Marlena Peduzzi said...

LOVE the new image, of course! hope you are well!

jperr said...

Thanks for the image.

Elaine L. said...

Thank you for the great sentiment!

Charlene M. said...

'Best Friends' would be my favourite because I think everyone can always use a hug! http://www.tiddlyinks.com/best-friends/

Thanks for the cute sentiment too!

Teresa Arsenault said...

Christy, I LOVE this sentiment. Thanks bunches for it.

Teresa Arsenault said...

My favorite is Christmas Wishes because the first decoration to go up on our tree is usually our cat.

~ Barb said...

Thank-you for the chance to win, all of you images are wonderful and as everyone said it is very hard to pick a favorite. Here's a link to my pick: http://www.tiddlyinks.com/products/Lilli-Claire-%252d--Party-Time.html

Mad Moose said...

Hi, love the new image and the freebie sentiment is great - just added both to my basket. If I had to choose a fav image it would be this one
Simply because, who doesn't love an oversized candy cane? it's the perfect image for both kids and adults alike!

JanR said...

I'm torn....all the new images are wonderful! If I had to pick my fav it would be Best Friends.....wait maybe it's Christmas Princess.....but Danny's Duck is uber-cute too.....I'm allowed to pick three favs right?

Anne said...

very cute sentiment.. thank you..

divinecrone said...

While I love the newest stamp Checking the List, I'm a Halloween nut... my favorite is http://www.tiddlyinks.com/alison-the-witch/
Thank you for sharing the sentiment!

Kelley said...

As I was going through the What's New page, I thought my favorite was going to be Christmas Mantle. However, Danny's Duck, http://www.tiddlyinks.com/dannys-duck/, made me laugh. And it reminds me of the rooster that used to roam our yard.

Thank you for the sentiment.

califncsun said...

Great wordart.


Lady Editor said...

What a nice sentiment. Thank you for the gift.

Martha said...

Thank you! I love this sentiment. Warm and loving.

Penny said...

Thanks for the sentiment, I can't go past FOREVER as my current favourite.

but checking my list really is enticing!.. but forever it is.

Sarah said...

Love Danny's duck since it reminds me of my nephew and my sister has a special love of ducks. http://www.tiddlyinks.com/dannys-duck

txexperiment said...

Great images. Thanks for the freebie!

Jules said...

Best Friends is my fave! I'm such a sucker for pups!

mousekemom said...

First, I love all the vampy and wizard digis...just gah! But, I think I love the "Stand out in a crowd". http://www.tiddlyinks.com/stand-out-in-the-crowd/
Really, you get 2 digis and a background...how fab is that?!?! I love the look on the girl's face and her attire is flexible and just screams teen. Awesome!

Scrapfaire said...

Wow! My fav xmas image is the checking the list

My fav image in that section are those lovely victorian beauties!!http://www.tiddlyinks.com/products/Steampunk-Victorian-Beauties-%252d-All-5.html

Alberta said...

You and Me is my favorite image in the What's New Section.

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