Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

In the US, Halloween is kind of a big holiday for kids---mostly due to the collection of delicious treats. LOL I do however realize it is not such a big holiday in other parts of the world, but I ask you why??? Why??? LOL It is involves costumes and chocolate...what can go wrong with this combo? hehe

It is one of our family's favorite days of the year, so I had to draw something to say Hi!!! My daughter loves all things Egyptian and has dressed up as Cleopatra before but this year we are celebrating with Cleopatra wearing bat wings--- I mean what other kind of accessory does a queen need??? So just for fun and very sketchy: CleoBATra by request! LOL

May your hallowed eve be batty and see you tomorrow for Tiddly Tuesday! :)


Larissa said...

CleoBATra????? You are totally nuts! LOL

Happy halloween!! :)


A fantastic take on Halloween Christy, and such fun! A very clever play on words too - love it!!
Sylvia xx

Annette said...

Happy Halloween

Leanne said...

Happy Halloween!

Carly said...

Sensational! Hope you had a spooktastic Halloween!

Jane said...

lol!! Love it!!