Sunday, October 2, 2011

Friend in Need

You probably already know what I am about to tell you since the stamping community is pretty close, but I thought I would put out a request for help for a friend of mine.

I have known Betty for almost 2 years as online friends and she was a total dear helping me get the challenge blog set up and going. She also started her own line of stamps since then and we have gotten to know her as Simply Betty Stamps.

Well, this week, Betty got the worst news a mother could get, her son has stage 1 throat cancer. He is expected to be able to receive treatment and recover, but that will be very costly. Betty has several children, all the way down to little Jude, so this is going to be a financial strain on their family as well as take an emotional toll.  She is bravely not asking for any help, but I know any donations or purchases from her shop will go a long way to help get the treatments started and the copays covered.

Here is part of Betty's story in her own words.

My son needs an operation that will help him get well and be the class clown, kind hearted, silly kid he is... Now there's a problem!  We can't just fix it when we fix it and let it sit. He will be going through testing for a week, as he has expressed his "bones" hurting as well.  Doctors would like us to move quickly on the operation to prevent any further stages or other unpleasant issues.  We live 1 1/2 hours away from the hospital, and you can imagine I do not want to be far from my son.  I am not asking for a hand out, or pan handling is that the word?  I am willing to offer my products at discounted rates in the hope that it will bring in what is going to be needed in the next week or two while we go through the motions.  There are always extra medical bills as the insurance doesn't cover anyone 100%, we have a co-pay but have no idea where to pull it from, we don't have a magic top hat :(.  I am not asking again, for a hand me down, just asking that if you ever wanted a Simply Betty Stamp, your purchase would be a blessing at this moment.
So if you are in the mood to help, I am sure she would appreciate a donation to simplybstamps (at) or for you to go shopping at her store to get some really cute stamps.  If nothing else, please send them some cyber hugs and well wishes!!!

Here's many healing wishes to Christian and much love to Betty as she handles this bad news and moves toward helping her son recover.


Anne-Marie said...

Worrying about finances is the very last thing she needs, right now....I'm hopping over to buy...hope many others follow...thanks for the heads-up. x

Betty Boo! said...

Thank you so much Christy! As you said cyber hugs are so welcomed too! The crafting community is such a caring one and we have received lots of well wishes and a support that my son's spirits are beginning to lift!

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart!



Jacki Randolph said...

Love Simply Betty and will be heading over to hopefully help a bit!! As a mother this is the worst news one can receive. Prayers and Hugs going out to Betty and her family

Dilsaver Designs said...

So sad, I am heading over now :)

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