Thursday, June 30, 2011

Still in Maintenace Mode

Okay, so apparently not all issues have been taken care of with the domain switching yet because some links like the gallery and contact form are not working in Tiddly Inks Basement yet...

This is taking much longer than I anticipated, so I am super sorry for the issues this may be causing. I expected it to be done by Wednesday, but some of these problems are out of my hands, so please be patient. 

Thanks for understanding. You can email me directly at christy [a t] if you have not received an order or if you need to chat. :)

Once everything is completely working and all the links are correct, I will put up a HUGE HAPPY ANNOUNCEMENT!!! LOL

1 comment:

jigglymills said...

No worries! Have a GREAT weekend and know that you ROCK! :)

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