Friday, May 20, 2011

What do you do with kiddos over summer break?

Summer time and the living is easy----except for trying to entertain kids in the heat of Texas. LOL We have a few day camps like art camp and theater camp in our town and we are planning to sign my daughter up for a few of those, but that still leaves a lot of open days...

We usually fill them pretty well with going to the library or pool, playing at home, and other day trips, but I figured most moms had similar problems in the summer if they are at home so I came up with a once-a-week play date at the splash park near our house. I am going to send out this invite to all the kids in her program and maybe we can all fill a few fun hours. LOL

What do you do with your kids? Anything inspiring? :) 

Have you checked out the cards on Fabulous Inspirational Friday? There are some amazing cards. 
Our challenge is to make something using this awesome photo, so we hope you join in HERE...:)


Danni said...

At least you have a plan so it should be a fun summer!
I'm excited for this summer. First I am off all by myself for a week to The Angel Company seminar and then we have so much to see and do here in Washington--lots of zoos and hikes and such! I can't wait!

grandmabonnie said...

My summer is the reverse of most Moms, i am a stay at home grandma and watch my grandkids weekdays 7:30am-6pm, ages 2, twin boys 4.5 (one autistic, non-verbal in "school" all day- my retired husband is the chauffeur and spends about 3 hours T,W,Th,driving them to school and 2 hrs on M & F). Their parents are teachers, so summer is our "vacation" and we go to visit my daughter in CO for a couple of weeks and then to MI to visit my parents. We will bring the grandkids up to MI because my parents have a cottage...i am thinking you probably didn't want to know all that. :)

Shirley said...

Christy, what a great plan for the weekly splash date and knowing the temps in TX in summer, you Mom's may be joining in. I only have to entertain MM 2 1/2 weeks, so it'll be some horseback riding, tractor driving and swimming along with some crafting.

Renee said...

Our holidays are usually pretty laid back. We have a few play dates, plenty of cooking and craft and just hang around home. Not very inspiring sorry...but it sure beats the mad morning school rush lol.

Starla B. said...

I don't personally have any kids yet, but some of my friends who are mothers belong to our local YMCA. There are all kinds of fun programs for the kids there.