Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One-Year Anniversay and Birthday Celebration Upcoming Soon

Sooooo, the 1-year anniversay of Tiddly Inks Digitals is coming up soon....WOW! I think this calls for a fantastic celebration and party. Can we have an online party? Yup, yup, yup!!

How about giving away some custom stamp images designed for a lucky crafter or two? How about a blog hop? How about some blog candy? How about some freebies? How about new images?

Now how about you suggest some ways we can celebrate? Anything you want to see? I know, I know, a sale...LOL I will probably have a sale on certain images....just have to wait and see. So mean of me to tease, right??? :)  Any other suggestions of things you would like to see?

Now, in all seriousness, thanks from the bottom of my heart to all the people who have supported me throughout this first year and to those who have been regulars---super big hugs to you all! I can't adequately express what that means. :) This isn't just a company----it is basically me! LOL I draw each image, post each new image and try to keep it all together with blogging and other goodies that go on behind the scenes. :)  So when you support Tiddly Inks, you are supporting ME and that feels really good. :) Thank you

So check back on April 30 for the beginning of our one-year anniversary...or is it a birthday??

Hmmm, either way, we will have new images and lots of fun stuff...see you on April 30 for the kickoff of our brithday celebration---a Treasure Hunt Blog Hop. :) We will have lots of goodies hidden through the blog hop and we have some fantastic guests for the day...:) It should be lots of fun!

If you want to help let everyone know about the fun, grab this badge and post it on your blog. :)

A couple of people mentioned the gif animated badge didn't work well for them, so I am posting a jpg badge too...grab whichever one works for you. :) 
Thanks so much!


Irene (Ivy Swan Cards) said...

Sounds like fun! :-D

Carol said...

WOW a year already! can't wait for the celebration to begin! I'll post the celebration badge on my blog!

Starla B. said...

Woo hoo! I cannot wait! Posting badge on my blog right now. =)

Starla B. said...

Just a FYI - the bagde wasn't showing up on my blog because in the html code it says height="". I changed it to say height="175" and now it shows up.

Katie said...

Sounds like a blast! Just put the badge on my blog :)
xx Katie

Denise said...

Whooho, badge worked fine. It's blinking away!! I can't wait, sounds like fun. I am fairly new to your digi's, but have fell in love with them.

Crafty Hugs,


Margie said...

Hi Christy! YIPPEE!!! More Tiddly Inks! I've added the blinkie to my blog! Suggestions, huh? How about some cute little superheros?

alethea said...

Can't wait for the celebrations to begin!! Badge is on my sidebar! Hugs xx

Shirley said...

This is so exciting and can't wait for all the hoopla. I'm made some great friends along the way hanging with you Christy.

DesertBuni said...

Congrats! & Thank you! I love your Digi's!! Excited to share in you celebration and have put your adorable blinkie up!! Let's get this party started!

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