Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thanks! Soccer Pin-Back Button Design Freebie

I have been pretty busy lately (with what I am not really sure, but I have been I doing know, important stuff LOL) and one of the things I created was this design for members of my daughter's soccer team.  I won't go into why, but we quit said team....I am not a team person (I was the school newspaper nerdy editor....which is definitely the closest I ever came to a team LOL) and apparently it is genetic. During the first game, my darling little athlete spent the time making shadow puppets with her body and inspecting people on the sidelines instead of kicking the ball. She couldn't care less and, guess what, she is 6...we gots lotsa time to make that a relevant lesson...say, when she is a much more mature 7 or 8...or maybe 40. LOL
So we decided that our family is better off spending those 4 hours a week playing at home and relaxing, instead of driving, dressing, shin-guarding, and shadow puppeting!!!! It is all about priorities you know. :)

Before we quit though, I had to make the gift bags and snacks (yup, the players got weekly gift bags...hmmm, maybe we should re-evaulate LOL), so I made pin-back buttons (I have one of those neato Tecre machines :D) with this design and their team name.
I thought I would offer it as a freebie to anyone who has a button maker or circle cutter...You can click on the image and then save it. The digital stamp version of soccer Annie is available here. :)
Don't forget to check in Friday and see the new images and the will last about 36 hours (Friday, October 1 12 AM CST to 12 PM CST on Saturday, October 2).


mforquer said...

Christy - I am literally laughing so much I'm in tears!! I went throught he EXACT same thing with my daughter at that same AGE!! LOL - she played with the dandelions and when someone from her team would be running to score she would jump up and down but not help!!! LOL oh well! Thanks for the freebie!

The Postcard Emporium said...

Really cute image Thanks!

Melissa said...

OMG, how funny. Sounds like my daughter who at 6 gave soccer a go, with hubby coaching. After playing for about 3 minutes she ran off the field announcing that she was hot and didn't want to play anymore. She didn't either...but he still had to coach the team and she still had to go but when he would put her in she cried. LOL

Love the pin background and image, thanks for making them available to us! My daughter is now a competitive gymnanst, so be careful what sport she tries next. Now I get to spend my time all winter sitting at gymnastic meets ; ) instead of just the 6 weeks of soccer!

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