Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fundraiser for Alison's Dad

Fellow digital stamp artist and sweet lady Alison needs a bit of support for her dad, a carpenter who built her house (awwwww!). He recently had a stroke and she has put together a fundraiser for helping him and her family cope with monstrous medical bills. I can relate to that as my dad built my house (yes, he is my all-around favorite person :D) and I would be devestated if he had a stroke. It must an overwhelming time in their family, so I told Alison I would be happy to help any dad who is so involved in his family's life. We live in a small world and need to support that kind of awesomeness.
So in support of a super dad and carpenter, you can visit Alison's site and get this pack for $10.
Here is to the all dads being that loved and that involved in their families. We could use more men like that. I am sending many healing wishes out to Alison's dad for recovery. :)


CraftyMomOf2 said...

Thanks for posting this Christy. I've purchased the set and hope that every little bit helps Alison's family out.

I'm sending white healing light their way. (along with a card as well!)



Carisa said...

awww, this is super sweeet & well worth the cause. thanks for posting this. i'm off to spend some $$ in support of alison & b/c well, the images are too cute! hehe

Shirley said...

Christy thanks so much for being apart of this and sharing your talents. I've got my set and am so excited by carpenter Joe. Alison is a sweetie.

donna mikasa said...

Such a worthwhile cause and I love the digis! Hoping Alison's dad has a speedy recovery...