Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thank You PolkaDotDandy and all 900 PCP members!

Now it is not always pleasant to start a website or blog, but I have had the best experience with my new favortitest person in the world, Michelle of Polka Dot Dandy. I have to give her a big thank you for exceptional patience, a very clear vision, and quick responses and changes to my very picky vision of how I wanted my new site to work and she has made this experience so easy and pleasant that I have been amazed.

If you need a blog background or website template to suit budgets large and small, you might want to give PolkaDotDandy a peek (I don't get any referral credit or points for recommending her, but I just think she is that good. :D). You will see tons of crazy-happy recommendations from her clients and now I know why. She does exceptional work! So no matter what you need for a site, she probably has it in pre-made templates (blogs and websites) or through custom work. I can't recommend her services enough. :)

The Tiddly Inks site is almost ready and has about 50 files loaded...we should have the rest up and loaded in a few days. We are ironing out the downloading process and then it will be ready for shopping! Wahoo! No more emailed files...All of files will now be available as soon as you purchase. :) You pay through PayPal and then follow the link back to the shop and get your files in a link...It isn't completely ready to go yet, so please wait until I give thumbs up before you shop...I will be having an opening sale, so double incentive to wait...LOL

I will be working on adding more files after the first set as soon as I can, so check back each Tuesday to see what is new. This will be an evolving process and I look forward to providing many more digital images and papers (and in the future, physical gifts like baby blankets, mirrors and notecards). :)

Thanks for all the amazing support of Tiddly Inks to this point. It has been a blast so far. :)



Jodi C. said...

WOW!!!WOW!!!WOW!!! Christy, I took a peek at the store and I LOVE IT!!!(maybe too much for my budget :) !!) Your images are amazing, my fav are the curly haired I've told you before!!! The teacher image is also a must them all!!!

autumn0725 said...

Love the site Christy! The pics are nice and big so you can actually tell what they are through the watermarking. Can't wait to buy!

Anita said...

Michelle is great...isn't she? I just lurve her! Your site is so fabulous! I saw HedgieHugg...eeek! I am so excited for your grand opening sale! :)

Robyn said...

I can't wait. I just bought some more images from your etsy store for the new challenge blog since the ladies on your DT inspired me with their awesome creations. Best wishes for continued success.

Lisa Hjulberg said...

Oh, Christy, the new store is looking great!!! How exciting!!!!

Shirley said...

Christy, it's all looking great. I even did a test run before I saw this and it works great too. Now I'll be back soon since there are going to be even more images.

Emma Lockley said...

hiya Christy hunny, i have been over to polka dot doodles and she's doing my blog for me yeah!!!

Im also going to have a matching website so i can sell my handmade cards on there too! how cute....thanks for the links to their website, all of her designs are just so gorgeous
love emma xxx

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