Sunday, November 23, 2014

Holiday Plans Inspiration Winner

Hi all!
Thank you so much for sharing your personal and inspirational holiday stories in this blog post. I am sitting here crying over some of them and laughing at others, but I have read each one and still have tears in my eyes. I am so touched to hear about songs, handmade cookies, crafts with moms and grandmas, walls filled with art, advent calendars, special eggs, Santa stories, and chimbleys.

To read about all the amazing people raising special needs family members and how you enjoy and embrace the little things that make your children's day, even with hardship, really made me think. To know that we are all lucky to have something little or large to celebrate and just to be glad that we are alive and loved. I am feeling fairly humbled by all the luck and love I share with my daughter and how easy we have most of the time. Thanks for the inspiration and the reminder---today is a beautiful day and I am blessed to be here and hug my daughter.

I selected one winner for the 3 stamp sets---this is the tradition I want to start with Little Bit this year. Thanks Jules! A scavenger hunt sounds fun! Please email me with your address and I will send your stamps out ASAP.
However, I have posted several other inspiring comments....again, thank you to all of you for sharing. I am really touched.

And my thoughts go out to your family, Veckans.
Thank you all many touching stories.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Holiday Plans? Share and Win

So, I am not exactly a Grinch, but Christmas is definitely not my favorite holiday, so as I have gotten older, I make deliberate efforts to increase my holiday participation and joy and make meaningful memories for my daughter. I search for good ideas and implement some of those, but I would love to know more personal ideas. What are your favorite traditions and what makes you joyful and happy during the holidays?? Maybe you can inspire me to become more like you and less-grinchy...hehe

One of my favorite holidays was spent with my best friend's family. They were Dutch and we left carrots and  hay for Santa's horses in the shoes on the hearth, along with chocolate toast for breakfast...yumm. hehe I got two Christmases that year as they celebrated at the beginning of December and our family celebrated on December 25---my dad's birthday!! LOL

I hope that my daughter's favorite memories will be at our house and since we just moved away from family this year, I need to make it extra special, so lay on the good ideas. :) Inspire me and win 3 clear stamps. :) read right. I  am going to select a commenter to receive 3 clear stamp sets of their choice to add to the pile of Christmas presents under the tree. :) 

Inspire us all!!

And for everyone, I am offering 40% off for the next 72 hours. Enter code: THANKS when you are checking out...Have fun and thanks for the inspiration!

Friday, October 24, 2014

New Images for Autumn! Wryn and Mavis

Hi all! My brother sent me an adorable picture of my niece Lilly Claire playing in the leaves...and ironically, I had already started drawing a little girl and her Staffy puppy in the leaves. The new puppy is actually driving me insane....adorable though she may be, we have never had a bull dog before and they are sooooo stinky!! Not the normal stink of an indoor dog---stinky all the time despite regular baths. LOL And worse, turns out this is normal per her vet...yikes! My daughter is still totally in love, but we are several pairs of expensive shoes down and a very stinky living room now as she has infiltrated the carpet and couch with stinky dog smell....good thing she is so ugly she is cute!! LOL

Meet the cute little Wryn's Leaves

Lucianna using Wryn's leaves and Wryn's Tree



And then we have Couple of Fall Cuties

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New Release - Christmas Polar Bear ---and Ducks

Hi all! I am so excited about these new images---and to announce a special blog hop!

Let's start with the blog hop. Our team mate Melissa is due to give birth any day now to a baby boy, Brennan, and we wanted to send her some love. :) If you want to check out a surprise blog hop for Melissa (and maybe join in), please head on over to the Challenge Blog. We hope you come by!

And now for the images: I am so in love with two of them that I couldn't wait to show them off. :) I have had this polar bear image in mind for a while and it turned out so much better than I imagined...and the ducks, well, everyone should have ducks dancing around at Christmas. LOL

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Please welcome the 3 newest images to Tiddly Inks....

And my newest favorite of all time....Winterlights Wryn

Please join us for Melissa's blog hop HERE and I hope you enjoy the new images. 

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Enter code POLAR in checkout -- 

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Don't forget about the puppies we released last week!